OSHA Safety Post Needed a Better Solution.

The Safeguard Safety Cap was designed, engineered, and patented by Safeguard Safety Caps LLC. Safeguard Safety Caps is a privately owned company whose partners have been in the construction industry for over 50 years, consistently working with and around OSHA-compliant safety posts.

Safeguard Safety Caps saw a drastic need to create a product that would better protect workers from being impaled and injured while on the job site. We’ve tried every product and process available but found they didn’t give the worker’s the protection they needed. It took 5 years combined with our 50 years of experience to develop the solution ourselves. The result is the Safeguard Safety Cap.

When the first Safeguard Safety Caps prototypes were made, we took them to various construction companies and job sites and asked the workers and supervisors to “tell us what’s wrong with it, so that we can improve it!”. We kept getting feedback of how much the Safeguard Safety Cap was needed. Unsatisfied, we then took the Safeguard Safety Cap to the safety authorities to “tell us what’s wrong with it, so that we can improve it!”. The feedback we kept getting was how excited they were that the Safeguard Safety Cap is now available on construction sites.

We have developed the most effective, simplest, safest, most cost-effective solution to provide maximum impalement protection from protruding OSHA Safety Post… but don’t take our word for it! You can try the Safeguard Safety Cap risk-free. We will send you a sample! Give the Safeguard Safety Cap a try and we are convinced that you and your workers will love it and use it on every construction project.